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Resize media image stream in Sitecore

When working with MediaItems in Sitecore you might want to direct access to a stream behind the media item. On the a Sitecore.Data.Items.MediaItem you can ca...

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Sitecore debugging with dotPeek

Jetbrains dotPeek tool can act as a symbol server for Visual Studio. Read about how to set it up on their excellent webhelp. Now leave dotPeek running and at...

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MVC REST services in Umbraco 4

Create a Global.asax file for your Umbraco project. In the Application_Start method register the MVC routes: [csharp] protected void Application_Start() { Ro...

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Nested Set in Propel 1.3

I’m currently working on a Symfony project with a lot of hierarchical data. For this I have taken advance of the new Nested Set implementation in Propel 1.3....

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